Do I have to pay for a promo code?

No, you can use our promo codes completely free of charge and without registration.

Where do you get your promo codes?

Most of our promo codes are provided by our partner stores. However, we also post "secret" codes that you won't find anywhere else except our service.

Why didn't the code work?

If you entered a secret code in your shopping cart at checkout and the payment amount did not change, check for errors on your part. If errors are ruled out, contact the store's customer support.

How many times can I use one code?

You can use one code exactly as many times as indicated in the terms of the promotion. For example, if a discount is offered on the first order in the store, you can only use the code once on one account.

How often are coupons updated?

Promotions are constantly updated as new offers appear and promotions end.

Will new stores be added?

Yes, we are constantly developing and expanding our catalog and the number of promotions.

Can I add my store and coupons?

Write to us at admin@kubonus.com to discuss partnership issues.